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Content marketing generates 60 new customers in 6 days for hair salon

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One of the best things about using content marketing to win business is the cost-effective and consistent return on investment that can be achieved from this tried-and-tested activity.

It was really encouraging last week to see one of my clients using content marketing – through the production of a monthly newsletter – to attract 60 new customers in 6 days. The results were staggering for the client, and seeing them win yet more sales from their monthly newsletter I produce for them was really rewarding.

The client was kind enough to say the following:

“The monthly newsletter produced by Chris continues to deliver sales and new customers. The latest newsletter brought 60 customers and increased our hair colouring market by nearly 50% in one month. His newsletters are a hugely successful and sales-generating content marketing channel for our business – well done and thanks, Chris.”

Richard Hillier, Creative Director, Stages Hair Design

There were three main reasons for the superb success of the client’s content marketing using a monthly newsletter:

  • The newsletter template was professionally produced

Using a branded, templated approach which was consistent with the client’s other marketing efforts.

  • The newsletter content was professionally produced

Using proven copywriting skills to a targeted, receptive audience to maximize the return on investment.

  • The newsletter offer was professionally produced

Using proven content marketing techniques, significant sales were generated within only six days. To see one newsletter increasing a client’s core service market by 50% is an amazing result.

If you’d like to find out how content marketing could boost your business, please get in touch with me here.

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