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Blog marketing delivers a £54,000 return for business coaching consultancy

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During 2002 I visited a number of PR and marketing agencies in London and attempted to highlight the benefits of blogging outreach after reading a series of case studies about the commercial success being gained by American companies.

The most impressive case at that I came across in late 2001 was General Motors Fastlane Blog, written by the then-CEO Bob Lutz. It gained a huge following and was a highly respected blog – it was one of the most authoritative blogs in the automotive industry, too. The PR and marketing agencies I visited during 2002, promoting the power of blogging outreach in the overall content marketing mix, didn’t really ‘get it’ at the time, but pretty much every PR and marketing agency now offers blogging outreach on their service list. So, as the first content marketing consultant in the UK to offer a fully-managed blog marketing consultancy service, I’m really pleased to see the rise and rise of blogging.

And with that in mind, it’s been another strong result for blog marketing recently with possibly one of the largest single examples of financial ROI I’ve ever seen from a client utilizing my proven blogging outreach services for their business coach consultancy.

A financial return of £54,000, no less.

I’ve been lucky enough to provide blog marketing services with Luke Thomas, Director and Founder of Spring for a while now.

As a leading performance coach in the UK, he’s a powerhouse with a fantastic team around him, and a host of global corporate clients. We caught up recently over dinner for a meeting.

Other things that came from the meeting really surprised me – including a chat about the latest proven financial ROI delivered from the blog marketing work Luke and I have been engaged with for over three years.

I’ll let the client do the talking. This is what Luke was kind enough to confirm:

“One of my aims when founding Spring was to over deliver for each client to such a degree that they hired us again AND recommended us. That’s fuelled our growth – we don’t need to do advertising and marketing because of it.

The work I do with Chris on blogging is a value-add for our clients – it gives them quality resources to partner our other services. That doesn’t mean it doesn’t have surprise spin-offs – like one in the shape of a £54,000 ROI in one year.

A piece of work that landed as a result of a contact who had been following our blogs, who knew we were the best fit for his organisation for various reasons – invited us to talk more, we ran a Thinking Space™ session, and he hired us on the spot!”

It’s a pretty incredible endorsement of the power of blogging outreach, and I was really grateful to see one of my clients being so generous about the benefits of professionally marketing a well-written, well-devised and well-executed business blog.

You can read the Spring blog here to see why it’s such an engaging and profitable content marketing tool.

If you’d like to find out how blog marketing could boost your business, please get in touch with me here.

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